StGertrudesSmithfield_News_MusicSt Gertrude’s Catholic Primary School opened their doors to celebrate Catholic Schools Week recently.

Classrooms were opened to parents and visitors to observe the authentic learning experiences and witness the students engage in learning. Kiosks were set up in the library to display a number of authentic ways key learning areas are taught in the classrooms. It also highlighted the wide range of extracurricular activities offered at school including coding club, gardening, public speaking, music, dance and drama.

Parents commented on the “community spirit” within the school during their visit which started with a prayer celebration and a performance from the choir.

Principal Linda O’Regan said Catholic Schools Week gives them an opportunity to open our doors to current and future families.

“This allows them to see first-hand the authentic and innovative teaching and learning experiences,” she said. “I am grateful for our parents and prospective families who came along to join us in the celebration. This truly shows the community spirit here at St Gertrude’s.”StGertrudesSmithfield_News_Music