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COVID-19 won’t stop these little bookworms!

The kindergarten kids at St Gertrude’s Catholic Primary School Smithfield have been knee-deep in reading while in iso thanks in big part to two teachers at the school.

Kindy teachers Anique Giusti and Tania Caruana have curated a short instructional video for parents, to help parents to support their child’s reading development while cooped up at home.

The video includes a guided reading scenario and a number of strategies to help students decode texts and improve their reading comprehension – and, perhaps most importantly, make reading fun.

The St Gertrude’s video has been a huge hit with grateful parents who say it’s been useful to have this learning-to-read tool to keep children reading, thinking – and growing.

“The video has really helped us to know how to read with my daughter,” kindy student Ariella’s mother, Dayana, said. “I have also shared it with my sister.”

School principal, Linda O’Regan, said the video project is just one fine example of the great things our teachers are doing to support families during the coronavirus.

“I’m really proud of the way our staff have worked collaboratively over this period, to adapt their talents and skills to support our community – a multicultural community, comprising students with diverse needs,” Mrs O’Regan said.

Why reading is important for everyone

Dr Kate O’Brien, the Director of Education and Research at Sydney Catholic Schools, said reading helps us to calm down and to be present in the moment.

“It creates a time for wonder and awe and curiosity – it is an exercise of the mind,” Dr O’Brien said.

Did you know?

There are currently 5922 kindergarten students enrolled in Catholic schools in the Sydney Archdiocese.

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